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Was Chloe shot because she was profiled as a Pit Bull?

According to the Westword  , Chloe was not alone in the garage.  There was another dog, jack, in a kennel.  Jack in the terrifying aftermath of the shooting apparently escaped and was running free.  Because Jack did not look like Chloe, this seemed to not necessitate securing him.  Under the circumstances, a dog like Jack was probably emotionally stressed and in need of securing.  But Jack did not fit the description of a Pit Bull.

Chloe is seldom identified as anything other than a Pit Mull or Pit Bull mix, something I mentioned as soon as I was made aware of this horrific event.  .  Maintaining she is a Pit Bull is a conscious effort

CHloe Pit Bull Mix Killed Commerce City Colorado
Chloe the dog Killed in Commerce City Colorado November 24 2012

by Commerce City officials to somehow gain the connotation that Chloe is of an unpredictable breed.  A fallacy that has legs that won’t quit.

Commerce City has a Pit Bull ban.  I have not determined if Chloe is one of the breeds maligned by the Breed Specific Laws banning Pit Bulls and other breeds in some communities.

Chloe was a dog, and a mix.  Pit Bull or not, the video shows a passive dog, most likely frightened of the people who ultimately killed.  The whole thing was caught in video (WARNING: It is graphic).  Watching the video the officers were calmly standing around for quite some time, hardly an indication they were concerned with the aggressiveness of Chloe who on officer ultimately shot 4 times.  I mentioned this in my first post  and more are chiming in.

From news—Home-video-shows-police-killing-dog-after-being-captured

In addition, in one point in the video someone is standing directly in the line of fire behind where Chloe was shot.  I don’t know if he was there when the shots were fired, but he was there moments before.

It appears Chloe was profiled as dangerous.  Even if you are not an animal advocate, you might see some parallels here to the objection that certain individuals have been profiled in society.

Chloe was staying with the relative of her owner.  She got loose and the neighbors did not know she was supposed to be there and called the police.  Although the call to police indicated a barking dog that was unknown, when they police arrived they spend a long time calmly standing in the front of the garage as Chloe sat and cautious as if asking to please be left alone.  Things went bad from there.

Commerce City officials have claimed the Chloe was shot in order to protect the public from a potentially dangerous dog running free in the neighborhood.  One would thing tasing twice and firing 5 times in the neighborhood would be considered a bit of a public danger.

Animal Law Center attorney Jennifer Edwards’ services had been retained in the case of Chloe, the dog tased, shot and killed by a Commerce City police officer.

Jennifer Edward sued Commerce City in 2010 in the case of another dog shooting.

It appears Ms. Edwards might sue.  She unsuccessfully took Commerce City to Court in 2010 and the officer was found to act within the parameters of her duty.  But the video is damming and animal advocates are hoping there will be a different outcome this time.

This is less about the individual offending officer, though certainly something should be done about the players.  This is a general outlook on the right of pets, and pet owners, and the way certain breeds are misrepresenting ending in tragedy.


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