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Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.  ~Albert Schweitzer

Rescue One Dog is about saving the lives of Colorado homeless pets through meaningful discussion and initiatives.  As advocates of the No Kill movement, we mean to strengthen the ability of Colorado shelters and rescues to save more animals, at least 90% of all animals entering shelters and every healthy treatable homeless pet.  It’s about support and partnering to make Colorado start using the No Kill Equation as an foundation of animal welfare in our shelter system.

We will rescue one dog, one at a time.  And cats too.

We believe Colorado can be a No Kill State and save all pets that find their way into the Colorado animal control system of the US.  Today, Colorado is killing well over 15,000 pets in shelters annually.  The number is so immense, it can’t be comprehended in the way we would process a single act of cruelty.  But when you look at the fact that there are five times the number of people looking for a pet each year than the number being killed in our shelter, it is clear rehoming every homeless pet (all healthy or treatable homeless pets)  is attainable.  And with proper spay/neuter programs, TNR, and the rest of the No Kill Equation, the number finding their way in the system can be reduced each year.  So we want your help get more pets adopted and end the killing.

We are participating or leading targeted initiatives to rescue one dog at a time, rescue one cat at a time, and further the  No Kill Movement.


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  1. Love it, should be a no kill movement and if people network and support it, it can happen. The trends that are on fb definitely impact the stats because we speak out. I feel NO KILLING OUR ANIMALS and no experimenting on them. They are kind and gentle creatures. We are supposedly civilized in North America, yet we are not. People should not be abusing their animals or dumping them on the shelters, but acting in a manner that ends the lives of these animals by imposing death, these animals don’t deserve it–it is wrong!

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