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Save Homeless Pets with RescueOneDog and Homeless Pet Clubs

Rescue One Dog just got back from Austin where I met Homeless Pet Clubs founder.. The American Pets Alive! Conference was amazing.  Learned so much.  Ironically, the last person I met had something you can do and you can easily do, and he wasn’t even attending the conference. I found […]


Colorado prominent on No Kill conference Poster

  Looks like the No kill Conference has expectations of participation from Colorado.  Of all the states shown, only Colorado and Texas are fully visible.  I think it is a challenge for Colorado Shelter and Rescue workers to start planning a trip to Washington D.C. this year.  Who’s going?  


Dear Mr. President, Support No Kill

Dear Mr. President, missed you while I was at the No Kill Conference in Washington this weekend. Did you know we are killing three to four million pets that enter our shelters in the U.S. each year? But people, your constituents, are making a change.  A decade ago you wouldn’t […]


Shelters are Out of Balance with Nature

Took a walk in D.C. the day after the NoKill Conference 2012.  Although the quotes from our past presidents were seldom directed at the right of animals, I couldn’t help but see some parallels as I walked around the national mall and read the poignant quotes carved in the granite.  […]

No Kill conference at George Washington University D.C.

As you probably know, The No Kill Advocacy Center is teaming up with the Animal Law program at George Washington  University Law  School and No Kill Nation to bring together the nation’s most successful shelter directors and the nation’s top animal lawyers. So tomorrow I head off to the  national […]